A Formal Perspective to Modelling Electronic Commerce Transactions

Sylvanus A. Ehikioya


Many models of e-commerce applications use informal approaches and human intuition although their underlying data model is sound. Consequently, most of the designs contain inconsistencies and some hidden brittle spots that do not manifest until the applications are used. In addition, informal design approaches leave the determination of the correctness of system designs to the intuition of the designers. Informal design approaches do not provide the degree of correctness and reliability required for e- commerce transactions. This paper formalizes requirements for electronic transactions using Z. The speci- cation describes constraints relating to the uniqueness of customers, accounts, products, and stores, to the availability of products, to the validity of customers, and to maintaining sufficient funds. The formal specication has been mechanically checked using Z/EVES and is therefore well-formed in terms of syntax and types

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